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Full day training and exam to obtain the German drone pilot licence. Full day workshop taught and tested in English.


To fly drones in Germany above 2kg MTOW and in sensible areas it is mandatory to pass a test at a certified exam center. COPTERview provides training materials, workshop and exam in English. Additionally live chats help to clarify questions. A full day training finalises the training, forces you to repeat the topics in a group and allows to practice with experts. The day ends with the exam, a 60min multiple choice test. To pass the test, out of 60 questions 75% correct answers are required.

Topics of the workshop

The German drone licence consist of questions in three topics:

  • airlaw
  • meteorology
  • operations

All topics are taught with examples in details to pass the test. After passing the test you will receive a certificate valid 5years.

Application and requirement

You can apply at any time online, by email or by sending the application form. In preparation of the workshop we will schedule several live chats. All you need to prepare is an legal record of the German, „Polizeiliches Führungszeugnis (einfach)“. If you don’t knwo how, get in touch for further details. We are happy to support you!